Are you considering alternative heating solutions for your home? Let a Chimney Cricket technician help you select the right wood stove for your home.

Wood Stoves

A stand alone wood stove is a great option when building a new home or an addition on your home. A heat resistant hearth is installed and a special double-walled metal chimney can be installed out the side of the home. In some circumstances a wood stove can be tied into an existing, unused chimney- as long as the flue is properly sized to ensure safe ventilation.There are many highly efficient wood burning stoves on the market today.

Wood Fireplace Inserts

Wood stoves are a very efficient way to heat a home. Homeowners love their stoves because of their excellent radiant heat output, efficient wood use, relatively clean hearth, and beautiful flame experience. A wood fireplace insert retrofits an existing firebox with a more efficient wood-burning stove unit. Whenever an insert is installed, care must be taken to consider the flue size.

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