Stainless Steel Cap

Caps, Dampers and Chase Covers

Why do I need a chimney cap?
A chimney cap is a preventative maintenance measure to protect against water entry, backdrafts, and pest entry into the chimney.  

An uncapped chimney:

1) Says "come on in, make yourself at home!"

to nesting birds and animals. Pests can, not only cause physical harm to humans (especially when surprised by you!), but they can also cause significant damage to your home. Their nests can block the flue, which can contribute to dangerous back-puffing, carbon monoxide poisoning, and chimney fires. No one wants their family exposed to that. Along with these dangers, animals nested in chimneys are noisy and can carry diseases so be sure to keep animals and birds outside where they belong!

2) Allows rain and snow to enter your chimney,

which leads to moisture damage and expensive repairs. Of any of the elements, water causes the greatest damage to your chimney. It soaks into porous bricks, eats away at the mortar, accelerates the deterioration of your chimney liner, and damages the mortar crown on the top of your chimney. A chimney cap does a great job of protecting your chimney from water damage. For maximum chimney protection we recommend a multi-flue cap. That's because a multi-flue cap covers the entire chimney, not just one flue.

3) Creates a fire hazard

as burning embers and sparks escape through the open chimney and land on your roof or in your yard.

Our high-quality stainless steel caps carry a lifetime warranty.

Damper and Chase

One of the best ways to prevent moisture from rain and snow, animals, leaves, and other debris from entering your chimney is to install a chimney cap with a factory built-in animal guard. An even better solution is to install a top-locking damper that can actually improve the energy efficiency of your home! Our high-quality stainless steel caps carry a lifetime warranty.


Leaky or damaged chase covers on prefabricated metal fireplace systems are potential hazards and allow water to get into the walls of your home causing damage as well as mold problems. We help eliminate problems before they start by replacing masonry and rusty metal chase tops.

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